My sweet Bones-y Boy

Today I took a shower, and was going to get dressed to go shopping and get out of the house.
Instead I dealt with dog drama and a total melt down. This might be a little graphic. Just warning you.
I got out of the shower and heard a strange noise, I couldn't figure out what it was, so I looked outside. Seamus had something in his mouth. I put on my glasses and saw that he had Bones by the neck.
I yelled at him but he wouldn't let go. I was shaking and ran back inside to get dressed (yes I was just in a towel for that first part).
Outside again, I'm throwing rocks and trying to get Seamus to let go of Bones neck.
He dragged Bones shaking him like he was a rabbit. Bones wasn't fighting back. And he had blood coming from his nose. I was sure he was going to die.
I ran back inside and grabbed my phone and sobbing, called Will. Through my gasping I told him what was going on. He told me I had to pull it together and get the broomstick and break then apart.
After sobbing and saying I can't over and over I grabbed the broomstick, and went back out to them. Sure Bones was dead at this point, he was barely breathing and he was still, I stuck the broomstick in Seamus's mouth. He couldn't let go because he had Bones collar wrapped around his lower jaw.
Seamus was calm, even though (what I thought was a) dead Bones was hanging from his mouth. I reached under my sweet brown puppy and undid his collar.
Then I turned and walked back to the house, shoving, gasping, and asking Will to please come home.
He said he would but needed to explain to his coworkers what was going on. I slumped onto the porch and cried.
Bones walked over to me, panting. He wasn't dead, but he'd been unconscious, which has allowed Seamus to calm down enough to let me undo the collar.

We think Bones will be OK. Seamus is fine.
I'm glad that it was something as simple as a collar and not Seamus turning into a dog fighter.
There was a little while when I was sure we lost my Bones and would have to put Seamus down because we couldn't have an aggressive dog around our kids.

This is the third time I've dealt with dog drama like this, honestly this one has had the best outcome (so far) but I feel so much more on edge.
I was already telling Will how stressed out I felt yesterday, how mentally worn out I was. This put me over the edge and I'm so grateful he was able to come home and just sit with me on the couch and hold me. Because I needed that so much. I didn't stop shaking until this afternoon and all of this happened around 8:30 this morning.

Bones isn't totally out of the woods, we have to keep a close eye on him for the next few days. We aren't sure how long he was without air, and his neck looks swollen as well as it's obvious he's in a lot of pain (thank goodness for a few pain pills left from Seamus's surgery in August, you know, from when my neighbor's dogs tore him up.)

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tif-do said...

Glad he's ok. That's so scary. I had to get rid of a dog for aggressive behavior a few years back and it tore me up. Im glad you don't think it was that kind of issue.

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