Hearing Loss

About a month ago, Rhayn came home from school and told me that she'd failed her hearing test. The school would retest her in 30 days, but that seemed a long time.

I took her to her pediatrician, and she failed their hearing test and we got a referral for an audiologist.

At the audiologist she failed on her right ear and had a little loss in the left. And another referral, this time to an ENT.

We tried the ENT in town and didn't like his results and chose to get a second opinion in Tucson.

Monday the school nurse retested her and surprise, surprise, she failed again.

Today we had that appointment for a second opinion. I am so glad we did.

The office was nice, and friendly. We were seen by, first, a resident, and then a doctor who recognized Rhayn's name from when she was much younger and she used to go to this clinic in Phoenix after her palate repair.

The doctor made us feel comfortable and explained to her and to me what he thought was going on. First he has his office repeat the audiogram and verify the results. It was very similar. Then he told us that she has a small hole in her ear drum from, most likely, when she has tubes at 6 months.

In three weeks she is scheduled for an out patient surgery to repair her ear drum. As one can imagine, she's scared about the surgery. Poor girls had more surgeries in her 14 years than I have in my near 38.

Hopefully, this surgery will fix the ear drum and she won't need hearing aids. There is still a small chance that she will need them, but we won't know until after her surgery.

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