trust issues

I fell asleep early last night, exhausted I dropped into bed.

At a little after 3am, I'm not exactly sure what woke me up, but there were people on my porch. So I got up, groaning because I knew what had happened. Once again, my late night wandering teenager was being brought home by the police. Sitting on the front porch talking to them, this time, giving them information for "next time" and them telling me they didn't think she was running away, but its possible.
They didn't catch her boyfriend, but I will for sure be calling his mom to talk to her again.

I am at my wits end here. I don't know what to do or say to her anymore.

How can you love someone so much, and put so much into them, and have them completely not care at all about you, your feelings and what their actions actually mean? How do we get to this point? To the point where there is no trust and any trust that was there is completely gone out of the window.

I am so overwhelmed by everything right now. I've spent the last few days trying to orchestrate  our move to Tucson, and trying to still be a good mom. Trying to stay on top of chores and house things, while still calling realtors and mortgage brokers and looking obsessively at houses over and over.

And poor Gwen, trudges along, she isn't being bad, or getting in trouble, so she shrinks into the background.

We need this move to be over, for our whole family.

I'm done.

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