Hair today, gone tomorrow?

I'm obsessing about my hair.

Obsessively looking at pictures of pixie cuts on Pinterest and filing a board with cuts I like.
My hair feels like a weight holding me down, something I have to deal with every day, and not something I enjoy.
I've never been a great fixer of hair. Ask my girls. (God has a sense of humor, eh?) My hair styles range from a bun, to down, a half ponytail, or pigtails. Never anything fancy. I try fancy, but it's a fail and I end up, once again, with a messy bun.

I'm lucky enough that Will loves my hair in almost every style I've tried, not counting anything with straight across bangs, like Betty Paige. He mentioned that it makes my eyebrows like very prominent and not so great.

I know if I cut my hair, it will feel like a weight has been lifted. I'll feel lighter.
But I'll miss a few things I like about having longer hair- like my girls braiding it, and the curls I have.

Luckily running out first thing in the morning to get it cut isn't possible, so I'll just keep pinning pixie cuts on Pinterest, until I make a choice.

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