Natalie is four

Dear Natalie,

Today you turned four. Though for weeks you've been telling people you were turning 5, because you'd count "1, 2, 3, 5!"

Grandma and Grandpa and some cousins were visiting this weekend so you had a birthday morning full of family. They gave you gifts that you loved. Though when asked, your favorite present was a pack of gum I gave you. Silly girl.

You and I went to lunch and saw a movie (Cinderella). You weren't a huge fan of the movie. But it was really nice to have time with just you.

You can almost write your name, you know most of the letters, and write "N" and "A" on everything. When we count you can count to 10, even though you sometimes skip 4. You buckle yourself into your carseat and get mad when I try to help. Naps are a thing of the past, but some days you still need one, and I fight with you. Occasionally you take car naps (5-15 minutes). I miss my afternoon quiet time, but you napped longer than Rhayn or Gwen.

Natalie, I love you so very much. I love that you are four now, four is a fun age. Though you are also very stubborn. Just like your mama!

You've been weaned for a few months, but Abi still nurses quite a lot. So sometimes I can see in your eyes that you wish you could. Sometimes I express milk for you into a cup and you like that. But mostly you seem to remember it fondly.


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