15 years

Today I've known him for 15 years.

Here are 15 things I love about him.
1. His drive for a better life.
2. His passion for doing things himself.
3. Watching him hold our babies, even when they aren't babies anymore.
4. His eyes, the color and intensity of them (though his scowl sometimes I don't love so much.)
5. His singing. He has a great voice.
6. His hugs.
7. His sense of fashion (so much better than mine!)
8. And the way he looks all dressed up for work on the weekdays.
9. And the way he looks on the weekends, dressed down.
10. When he cooks, if I'm not feeling well. The way he makes "clean out the fridge" food. And it's almost always amazing.
11. Watching him teach our girls, whether it's something little, or big. He's a good teacher.
12. His love of learning.
13. His convictions.
14. His sense of duty.
15. His love.

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