Nine and feeling fine!

Dear Gwen,

9 years ago you came into the world. What amazing nine years its been. You are stubborn. So very stubborn. Of course I knew this from when I was pregnant with you, when you refused to stop being breech, until we had you physically turned head down.

This year has been a little rough on you. Last school year (2nd grade) you made 2 really good friends, and I was so happy for you. You are easy going but have never had a best friend. I know it gets to you sometimes. Well when school ended, we found out both of your new friends were moving, one out of state and one just to a different school (and town). But you are rolling with it, trying not to let it get to you. I know how hard that is. I didn't really have any good friends when I was young. I had books.

 We've been going to 4H this year and now that you are nine you aren't a cloverbud anymore and can do projects, like goats, if you choose. You love animals, but are not a fan of doing work, and of course raising and training goats, chickens or ducks is a lot of work.

You are a smart cookie. I think it'll get you into trouble. But hopefully you'll be smart enough to get out of trouble, too.

Gwen, I love you so very much. I'm incredibly grateful that you are my girl.

your Mama. 

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