flu jabs

This year we decided everyone would get the flu jab.

Natalie and Abi had theirs today. The nurse asked me who would go first, and Natalie volunteered. She climbed onto the exam table and pulled her sleeve up, as the nurse asked her where she wanted the shot.
She remained calm, but as the nurse wiped her arm with the alcohol wipe, she asked to hold giraffey and my hand.
I held onto her hand and her grip was tight. The nurse said "a little pinch" and as it happened Natalie, who had been smiling a nice smile, kept a sort of smile, but her eyes filled with tears and her bottom jaw jutted out. As soon as the nurse said "all done" she practically leaped from the exam table into my arms and cried. I'd told her it was OK to cry about a shot, because they hurt.

She was so brave, and I was really impressed with how well she handled it.

Abi on the other hand.... She cried the second her bum hit the exam table and didn't stop until she was safely in my sling.

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