Natalie says she no longer needs "nuh-nees" and is a big girl. Yet every morning she asks for them. I remind her gently that she's a big girl at almost 3.5 it's time.

Sunday morning she told me she was a big girl who no longer needed to nurse. All day Monday we talked about it. A part of me feels sad that she says this, but also it makes me happy that she's decided to be a big girl all on her own.

Abi is clearly still a baby who needs to nurse. She's also sick right now and really needs the extra milk and cuddles.

Back to Natalie, I told her that when she is all done with nursing we will have a tea party with her friends to celebrate. She wants a blue and yellow tea party. I think it's adorable. And I want to get her something special to commemorate the occasion. In not sure what, probably a necklace (but not a milk one).

My babies are growing up far too quickly.

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