Some weeks I need to be grateful for things and this is one of them. With so much sadness and death I need to remind myself of the happy things.

I am grateful, this week, for:
~A happy baby who is growing nicely. Her sweet snuggles sustain me when I am sad.
~A silly toddler who is out of diapers and happily dresses herself in the morning.
~A nearly 8 year old who loves her family. 
~A responsible 12 year old who tries her hardest and does so much to help out. 
~A husband who is so handy. He fixes things and mows the lawn. He is a good listener if I need him to be and always has solutions (even though most of the time I just need an ear, and no suggestions, his solutions are usually perfect.)
~A wonderful family who gathered this weekend to celebrate the loss of a member. Seeing all of those teary faces made me realize how much love I am surrounded by when I visit with them. Seeing people I hadn't seen in a while was also nice though it wasn't the best circumstance I with I was able to see my cousins more often. 
~Love, most of all, this week I am grateful for Love. Love of family, friends and even pets.

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