8 Years old- Gwen

Dear Gwen,

This weekend you will be 8. I've had a lot of time to spend with you this week because you've been really sick.

Starting on Saturday evening with a sore throat and wet cough, by Sunday evening there was a fever which has pretty much stayed for the last 5 days- hovering around 102. I took you to the doctor on Wednesday, and she said you most likely have pneumonia. You've been on amoxicillin since then, but still, 2 days later your temperature is still elevated and you feel miserable. You haven't really eaten all week, making sure you stay hydrated is my first priority.

Gwen, you are really a talkative little girl. The way I can tell when you aren't feeling well is that you will not talk much. It amazes me how many words come out of your mouth on a daily basis. This is a good and bad thing.You've stopped being Gwennie this year and become Gwen. I love that your name grows and changes with you.

This year you are in 2nd grade and your teacher is Mr. Martins. You like him, but just like Rhayn, finding out you had a male teacher made you a little uncomfortable at first. He has won you over, with silly voices and prizes you can earn.

Over the summer you welcomed our newest sister, Abby, to our family. When Natalie was born you didn't care much. You were annoyed that she was here and taking your spot as the baby. But you have taken to Abby much more. You will help out with her. You even hold her. I hope you have a special relationship with her, like Rhayn has with Natalie.

Yesterday you lost a tooth, your first of the top teeth. I hope the other front tooth falls out soon. I love that look. Rhayn was also 8 when she lost her front teeth.

Gwen, you are a fabulous kid. I love watching you grow and mature. I hope 8 brings you so much happiness.

Love always,

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Mo said...

Sweet Gwennie, I am so glad she is feeling better now.

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