I totally love this baby. She is such a sweet chunk-o-love.

This week I am grateful for-
~not being pregnant. Seriously though so glad to be able to snuggle this little girl. And the heat/humidity lately has been awful, I can only imagine if I were still pregnant. 
~organization. I love being organized and we are working hard to make our house work for us. This weekend I cleaned out our "storage or spare room" to make a space for Natalie. She was ready for her own sleeping space. 
~a calm weekend. Though my older 2 were gone and Will had drill, it was calm here with just the 2 littlest girls. I was lonely though. 
~a new (to us) minivan. We could fit in our previous car but it was a tight fit. 
~Monsoons and cloudy days and beautiful sunsets.


Amie said...

hee hee!!! Love the chubbo baby!! :)

lvh said...

She is so cute. I really miss those Arizona sunsets - they are the best of anywhere.

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