Adjusting to life with 4 children hasn't been easy but it really hasn't been that hard either. Abby is a fairly good natured baby, but she does love to be held. I am trying to remember to post on here. It is hard because I can post on Facebook and it takes moments and so many people comment. But I need to remember to also post my good stories on here so there is a record.

Natalie is an amazing big sister. She loves her "Baby Abby" so much she tries to hold her all of the time. I have to keep an eye on her because I will often find her waking up Abby with so much love (and icy cold hands).

Our summer is nearly over. School starts in just a few weeks and honestly I think we are all ready.

Monsoons this year have been crazy intense. Most of the storms have been at night and coming more from the east. There has been so much thunder. We've found out that our James-y Boy is terrified of thunder. It makes sense he was found wandering around last summer during the monsoon season. A little thunder makes him pace. More thunder makes him pant and close thunder makes him quake in his black fur like a little chihuahua. We've found that we need to crate him as soon as he starts pacing. If we don't he jumps up on the bed or couch or where ever we happen to be. We've found him cowering in our hallway looking terrified. Lily doesn't like the storms but she isn't as scared as he is.

The monsoons the other day flipped our trampoline into the apricot tree. We were sure it was a goner but it was barely bent and thankfully it has been saved.

Will has built a deck this summer, too. It isn't done but we're enjoying it anyway.

Abby is growing away- she's nearly 10 pounds (or maybe she is, she was 9 pounds 4 ounces on Wednesday and seems to be gaining a half pound a week.She is about 21 inches, so 1.5 inches since birth.)

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