4 weeks Old- Abby

Abigail is 4 weeks old.

She has been awake a lot lately. Looking around and checking out the world.  It is fascinating every time I watch my babies go through this phase. Her eyes are still that neither this nor that color or blue-gray. But I am sure they will lighten up and be blue soon enough. Her eye lashes are starting to show up- light blond stumpies not at all like Natalie's were. I thought she looked most like Gwen, but I'm not really sure. She looks like Abigail, her own person, her own face. Her own personality.
She still hasn't smiled at us, though her sleep smiles are becoming more frequent. 
Abby has a diaper rash that she has had pretty much since birth. I think she is sensitive to Pampers, as it seems to get worse when she wears them. So strange, but those were the diapers in the hospital and the ones I've almost always used. Her rash- diaper dermatitis (thanks Dr. Google Images, but lets just say searching diaper rashes is not fun) is getting better, but involves changing her diaper within moments of her pooping (20 or so times a day right now) and using creams on her bum. (Thank goodness for cloth diapers since she poops tiny bits all day and I have to change those quickly!) It seems to be getting better, slowly. But steadily.
Abby has gained a few pounds since her birth 4 weeks ago! Her cheeks are all plump and squishy. I love it.

At four weeks post partum, I am bleeding again. I swear I was done. But I cleaned a room and the next day it was heavy and red again. I suppose I should still be taking it easy. Abby has been forcing me to take it easy since she's been clingy and nursy today. Right now she is attached to me and seems to be sleeping but the moment I detach her- she wakes up.

I've been attempting to write this all day long.

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