2 weeks old- Abigail

In 30 minutes you will have been here for 2 full weeks. 2 weeks of sleeping in my arms, diapers changed and your sweet smell.
In the last 24 hours you have "woken up" and started spending some time awake. Rhayn has commented over and over today that you look less like a baby when your eyes are open. I'm not sure I agree, but I like that your eyes are open often. 
Speaking of your eyes... they are getting lighter all of the time. Looks like you will have blue eyes or maybe light hazel like Rhayn. We'll have to wait and see but I am pretty sure they won't turn brown. Natalie's were already brown tinted at 2 weeks. 
You look the most like Gwen. 
And the least like me. 
You've pretty much had a diaper rash since birth. I've tried creams on it and the only thing that helps i changing you the second you poop. This is a huge pain since you are so little and you poop a lot. Luckily putting prefolds and covers on you seems to be helping a little, too. Probably because they cost less so I am not constantly feeling badly for throwing away a diaper I only put on you 20 minutes before. 

I am feeling much better. Things are healing nicely though I still feel tired all. of. the. time. Probably because I am not sleeping well. Not that it has much to do with you. More that my brain goes into overdrive and won't allow me to sleep soundly. 
 Darling Abby I am so glad you are here. 

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