Weekly Gratitude
~Will is home from his Army Training. Thank goodness because it was hard when he wasn't home. 
~Rhayn was a huge help to me, and I let her go to her friend's house for the weekend. I'm not really sure I would be functioning at all if she weren't here.
~Gwen was sick on Saturday but it was short lived and by Sunday she was all better. And in a great mood. 
~Natalie loves her baby sister so much. She wants to hold her all of the time and will talk to her. She also likes to tell me when she is crying or making any sort of noise- like squeaks. Natalie will say "baby say 'eeck'" and it is so cute. 
~Abby is a decent sleeper. In fact at night she will sleep for 4 hours at a time. I wake up more often than she does. 

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