Random stuffs.

Wow this little girl is easily startled lately! We are building a deck and using an electric saw she startled when we it was on. Like I could feel her jump! Such an odd feeling.

I am 36 weeks and a couple of days along. I swear she has tried to push her way out a few times. I feel like an alien is going to just burst from my belly. Or perhaps like she'll kick me so hard that she might break my ribs (like the baby in Twilight). She is strong and I am tired.

What other issues have I had lately.... um pooping is rare (but I haven't been eating much lately) and it is not fun. I dread the after-birth poop more than anything I am terrified of it. I am slightly dehydrated from being in the sun all day and from that last illness that I think I am finally done with. I haven't had any more heart-racing episodes since Saturday. For that I am thankful. I am having braxton-hicks contractions. A few an hour and some that take my breath away. Or maybe she's just stretching so much that it feels like a contraction.

This is a really busy week for us. Tuesday (tomorrow) Rhayn has an orthodontist appointment at 9am. 11 I have my NST and BPP at the hospital. Wednesday the girls have dental appointments in the afternoon and have asked if we can go see a movie in the morning (Kids' summer movie that they want to see). Thursday is a farewell party for a friend of mine and I have an OB appointment in the afternoon. Friday is another NST. I also need to get my Mazda in for an oil change and new shocks.

I am so tired just thinking about this week. AND next week Will is headed out of town for 2 weeks for Army crap.

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