35 weeks.

35 weeks... 35. 5ish to go. I am considered AMA (advanced maternal age) which means they want to do extra tests on me and the baby. Twice a week I go to the hospital and have a NST (non stress test) and once a week a BPP (biophysical profile). For the NST I am hooked up to the monitor for 20-30 minutes while they track her heart rate changes. To make sure she is moving well and that there aren't decelerations. For the BPP I get a quick ultrasound. They check a few things, the tech shows me her sweet face and then I get discharged and I leave.

Of course these things seem silly. I rolled my eyes when the OB said I would do them. And I've run out of fight during this pregnancy. I am rolling with the punches and as long as the tests don't seem invasive I am fine with them. Plus the NST involves me sitting in a quiet room listening to her heart and watching cable (Food Network). It is relaxing and I enjoy it. I don't enjoy having to find a sitter for Natalie while I go, but on Friday Rhayn will be home, as Thursday is the last day of school. And she is an excellent babysitter! (Seriously I don't know what I would do without her.)

I am over being pregnant. But last night I was laying in bed having some nasty braxton-hicks contractions and realizing that she CAN. NOT. COME. YET. I'm not ready for her. I don't have any of the things I think I need- I am not even sure what I need. I need to pack a bag for the hospital. I need to get her some clothes. I need to clean the house (but still don't want to. I can't wait for nesting to start.)

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