Front Door Project 99% Complete.

A few weeks ago (Easter weekend/Natalie's birthday to be exact) we tore out our front door, replaced that and part of the subfloor under it because the water damage extended to the floor joists. Friday night Will took off the door and started to clear away the debris. We spent the night with only a baby gate and sheet to keep the critters out (or in). Saturday morning he was up and working hard. He had to build up a whole new frame and small part of the wall because the water damage on the floor was pretty bad.

But by nightfall the new door was in place.

Then we replaced the laminate in our living room.
old floor.
New floor going down.
We closed off a doorway that we didn't use (who wants guests to be able to see directly into the master bedroom when they come in?).
Doorway into the "yellow dining room" that we use as as office.

Framing it in. We left the top of the arch free as a small window to let light in/out. 

I spent the week putting up drywall and finishing it, and of course, the almost final step- painting our living room (something I've wanted to do since we first moved in.)

We still have a little bit of finish work, baseboards, door casing but it looks so much better than it did.
I don't remember if I posted the half wall project from the weekend before that- but we built a small half wall to separate the kitchen from the living room so that we could safely put our piano in the main living space. It had been sadly tucked into a corner in the office and was rarely used there. I wanted it in the living room, because I (oddly) love the sound of small children playing it. And Natalie loves playing the low notes. It just makes me happy for some reason.


Amie said...

You guys are kind of amazing. :)

lvh said...

Wow the house is looking great. I love that you left the top of the old door open - not only is it good for light but will help with air circulation.

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