To Do Lists

In one week I will enter the third and final trimester of pregnancy. There are still so many things we need to do to prepare for this little one... here are a few.

~Babymoon. I have an anniversary trip/babymoon planned for late April. Will and I are going to go stay at a nice resort and have time for just the two of us (something we haven't done in years). I am really looking forward to it, too.

~Moving Natalie out. She's moving from having a crib next to me, to a crib about a foot away from me. Slowly she will get used to sleeping alone. Then we'll move her into a bed in Gwen's room. (Probably.)

~House projects... We are putting in a new front door. Since we are doing this, the living room is also getting new flooring, and while we're at it, Will and I built a half wall to separate the kitchen/dining area. I want to bring our piano into the front room, and the place it will go was next to the kitchen counter. To protect it from spills we built a half-wall between the counter and piano's new home. The piano won't get moved until we do the floor. So a few more weeks. Tomorrow I will finish the drywall texture and paint the wall. I love it already.
~Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

~Organizing, organizing, organizing.

~So much more. Seriously I could spend all day listing the things I want to do before she arrives. But so far our list is slowly getting chipped away at.

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lvh said...

oh no - are you moving away from being a squiggly line to a square ;-) making lists, checking them off - woo hoo - my kind of person - soon you'll be needing flow charts. Just don't ever lose that bit of squiggliness you have that makes you leaner. Love ya

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