26 weeks 2 days

Nearly in the third trimester now. Today I am feeling little feet or hands in my right ribs, why my babies love to lodge themselves into my right ribs I have no idea. I can't believe how much I have expanded in the last 2 weeks. It is really cool but at the same time, I am so uncomfortable.
My belly button has popped out. I love this part. I love the feeling of her moving inside of my uterus. I can keep her safe and happy while she is in there.

I can feel nesting starting. There are so many things I want to get done RIGHT. NOW. My list is long and expands all of the time. I need to get Natalie moved into her own space. But then again... I will miss her snuggling with me. I have never tried to make my 2 year old (in 2 weeks!) sleep in their own room. Ok, we did with Rhayn but it didn't work out and ended up being a much bigger mess/deal and she was still sleeping with us most nights until she was about 4.

I am feeling sad about the birth. I just found out that 2 midwives that are local won't be able to attend the birth. I wasn't sure I wanted a homebirth with her, but now that isn't really even an option. That makes me really sad.

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