Weekly Gratitude

This week I am trying to be grateful again. 

I feel the fog of my recent depression lifting slowly, like the clouds outside right now. You can see the world peeking slowly, tinged with beautiful colors, but still covered.

This week I am grateful to be 19 week and a few days along in this pregnancy. My belly is growing slowly. Still isn't pregnant looking to anyone but me, but that is alright. Last night I had a few good thumps, and while I was getting my hair cut the other day I could feel the soft bubble popping feeling of a baby wiggling around in there. I am really unhappy about the anterior placenta, I remember how cool feeling the baby move was/is and I really can not wait for everyone else to be able to feel her as well.

I knitted this blanket over the last few weeks. Mostly it was yarn I had left over from other projects and I think it came together beautifully. I can't wait to take pictures of Quattro wrapped up in it. I think it will be perfect for a boy or a girl. Though I may add a more decorative scalloped edge if a girl comes. I love it just the way it is for a boy.

I am thankful that it is Monday. I love Mondays because it means the big kids go to school.

I have a plan tomorrow to go to Costco, because it is just over an hour away it is a big deal. I friend is going with me, and we're going to find Indian food for lunch.

1 comment:

lvh said...

wow - I absolutely love the blanket. I want to learn to knit but think that will have to wait till I can retire as I've got too many other projects for now.

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