Weekly Gratitude

This week is filled with gratitude. 
I am thankful for~
~9 weeks in 31(ish) to go. Feeling good but still a little queasy. I am so glad that I was finally able to share that news, it was hard to not write about it on here. I've been rereading my blog posts from this point with Natalie and I was so sick and unable to function hardly at all. This time, I have yet to throw up but I have had a few times when I really thought it was imminent.
~A big birthday coming up this week (35 on Thursday!)
~A fun day out last Saturday, I have a post in the works on that one filled with the usual silliness and Snoopy this time.
~Getting to spend time with people I love but rarely see! (Again over the weekend.)
~Thanksgiving, my all time favorite holiday. I love food, friends and family. I absolutely can not wait to eat my dad's deep-fried turkey.
~A short school week. The girls only have school today and tomorrow then they are home. We're going to make crafts, including ornaments for the tree.
~Christmas lights! On my house! For the first time ever! Over the weekend Will put lights up, so exciting. 
~All of the Christmas decorations coming out of storage in a few days, and an abundance of Christmas music to listen to. We've been watching Christmas movies for a few weeks now.

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