The big news!

A while ago I mentioned ch-ch-changes happening at our house and I've been wanting so much to discuss it here (and on Facebook).

Sometime back in June, Will and I had a talk about our family and made a choice that would forever affect us.

The next month I was pregnant.

And now I am 9 weeks in, feeling so much better than I ever have while pregnant (I have yet to throw up!) and excited about welcoming a new family member sometime around June 22nd, 2013.

We wanted to wait until we knew the pregnancy was viable to even tell the girls. We had an ultrasound on Thursday and were excited to see 1 healthy 8 week and 5 day old baby growing in there. With a fast beating heart (175) everything is perfect. We told the girls on Thursday evening and they were shocked and excited.

Yesterday I told Grandma and she was also shocked and excited. She, like everyone else, was sure we were done adding to our family.

But we weren't.
And we could be happier to welcome this little one in June.


tif-do said...

That's so awesome, and although I'm extremely jelous, I'm super excited for your family!

Amie said...

Oh my goodness!!! How exciting!! I never thought it could have been that! :) congrats and glad you're feeling well!

Cornfed Princess said...

Congrats my friend!!!!! I'm so happy for you two!

lvh said...

woo hoo - I am so happy for you. When I called Grandma to wish her happy Thanksgiving she told me she is working on a blue afghan just in case. Each new addition to the family gives her something to look forward to and keep her going. Happy happy birthday to you - you have come a long way and I am so proud to be your Aunt. Love ya.

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