Teaching Compassion ~Mindful Mothering~

Q: What are your talents?  How can you use them today to bless your family and the world around you?
Today it is Mindful Mothering day over at Small Town Simplicity and the question of the day is about talents. What are your talents?
I wonder this often. What am I good at? As I yell at my children because of this or that, what am I good at? It must not be this. I don't feel like I am raising compassionate children, as I am not doing well with compassion myself.

I want to be one of those people you call when you need help, but I'm not. I struggle with offering my help to others. But I want to. I want my kids to see me doing things, without being asked, for others, for them, for myself. Compassion is NOT one of my talents, but I want it to be. I want my kids to be compassionate. I want them to think of others and how they can help, instead of thinking of themselves first.

And I know the best way to teach them this is by doing it myself. 

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