8 Years

Mua hahaha!

I promise that the "big changes" I wrote about earlier won't be kept in secret much longer.

Did you know I've been writing on this blog for 8 years? How can that be right?! But I started it before we attempted to add a second child to our family. I started it when Will was away at basic training, in the beginning of our Military life. 8 years. Over a thousand posts, so many pictures of silly things. So much happiness, heartbreak, joy, pain, and just plain life.

Without this outlet I don't know how I would have made it through that deployment. Without this how would I have made it through being pregnant with Natalie, because often I went back to see how I felt during my pregnancy with Gwen. And now, I look back at the monthly newsletters to Gwen to see how she and Natalie stack up. And they are pretty similar, though I may not remember the terror of 18 month old Gwen. Will I remember this part of Natalie? When she is a sweet 4 year old, will I remember how awful it was to go to the grocery store with her? Probably not, but I will be able to read back and see, and laugh at those trails.

And I am so glad I have this record.

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Amie said...

*hokey pokey clap* That's what it's all about!!!! :)

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