18 Month Newsletter

Dear Sweet Natalie,

A few weeks (actually almost a month) ago you turned 18 months old. An entire year and a half. The same day your big sister, Gwen, turned 7. I've been slacking and didn't get around to writing this until now. And I am sorry that I, your mother, am such a slacker.

Lately you have been showing interest in the potty. Unfortunately, it is chilly and you can't be naked in the house. Also you won't just wear a shirt, you want pants, too. We've been reading "Once Upon a Potty" and you love that book for some reason. I skip so much of it because I do not call urine "wee wee".

You are a pain sometimes. Lately you've been impossible to go to the grocery store with. You do not want to be in the shopping cart, or in a carrier. You want to walk, and touch everything on all of the shelves. You want to help me. And then you don't and you want to be "all done" (one of your words). You absolutely love this umbrella stroller. I hate it because it is short and has no storage. But our old stroller doesn't fit in the car and has been destroyed by the elements (because I am in idiot who left it outside for 6 months).
You can be so much fun when you aren't being a pain. We call you "Bratty Natty" or "Bratalie". Some days you cry for hours and hours. On those days, (Yesterday was one) nothing makes you happy. I know it is that you need a nap but you seem to be trying to give those up. I'd say in the last 7 days you've taken 2 good naps (equaling longer than 15 minutes) and one of those was the day we went to Tucson to see Grandma, Aunt LVH and Great-Grandma.

My sweet baby girl, I hope you know how much I love you. You are more demanding than your sisters, you know what you want, but aren't able to articulate it all of the time. I hope that soon you will be able to, because if I could just help you get what you need/want then you would be so much happier I think.

Your milk-making mama. 


Briep said...

She is just so cute! i love that little girl! I love that you call her bratalie because I sometimes call Madison-- Bratison... we are so related!

Amie said...

How is it possible that she's past 18 months already!? YOU JUST HAD HER!! :)

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