I pop on here often, open up a new post, words fill my mind but never make it down to my fingers. I shut the tab and walk away, or post some inane stuff on Facebook.

I'm here, and most of the time I am so very happy with my life in this place. But other times I miss my old life, my friends so much I ache inside.

I don't like change and this was such a big one. There are more big changes coming, too, but it is not the time, yet, to write about them.

For now, I will try to remember to write on my blog, because I miss it. I miss writing out stories about our lives the silly things, the sad, the mad, the ridiculous.

I vow to make more time for this. Because I need it.


lvh said...

ok - so now you got my curiosity going - wondering what could possibly be the next big thing in your life. my imagination runneth over.

tif-do said...

I agree with LVH, what could it be?

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