Seven Years of Gwen

Dear Gwen,

Yesterday you were just six but today you are seven. At some point in the last year you've stopped being "Gwennie" to become the more grown up Gwen. And I am okay with that, though there are times when I remember your sweet little baby face and and terrified by your growing up, beautiful, big girl face.

A month ago you finally lost your first tooth, the bottom right one. But it had been wiggly since we moved here in January so it wasn't at all a surprise, it was also not a surprise how you worried yourself nearly sick about it. You were concerned that it would hurt when it came out. The last night you had it, barely hanging in, you shuddered as both Rhaynnon and I tried to help it out. We knew it would eventually come out, and that after seeing that it didn't hurt, you would be prepared for the next one. That next day at school, sitting with a friend on the playground, your friend told you to try twisting it and that did the trick.

You got to come home with your tooth in a little treasure chest and a new gap in your smile. And smile you did, so proud of losing that tooth. It was a Friday night, and your sister had a cross country meet the next morning. You couldn't sleep because you were so excited about the Tooth Fairy coming for the first time (for you). At some point in the night you got up and looked at your fancy new bracelet and gold dollar coin that the Tooth Fairy left. I'll admit that I was a little upset about finding your treasures on the chair.

This might be the year that you are the first one out on Christmas morning, sneaking into the living room to see your presents. Rhaynnon has always been a sleeper, and would sleep in on Christmas morning. You? Not so much. You were up this morning a little after 6 ready to open presents that taunted you last night. Unfortunately those gifts had to wait until after Rhaynnon's early morning soccer game.

This year has been a big one for you. You started school last year at a Waldorf school, and midway through the year we moved 3 hours away and you started attending a more traditional school. In one semester you learned all of the letters and started to learn to read. You went to summer school because starting midway through the year did leave you a little bit behind. But now? Your teacher said that you are exactly where you should be. She also said you are a great helper with an awesome attitude. I only wish you were like that at home, too. But I see, in you, things about my own personality that I dislike (and some that I do like) but mostly, I see your dad.

There are days when you are the best big sister, I know how much Natalie looks up to you, too. She is really starting to look forward to you coming home in the afternoons, while she has always loved it when Rhaynnon comes home. I think that, even though she touches your things, you love her, and are happy she is your sister. 

You have had a lot of ups and downs this year. And I know that will continue, because it is part of life. I hope that you continue to love learning.

I love you, always and forever.


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