Bathroom Remodel Part 3

 This is the cove that used to be the shower stall.
 Cement backer board for the tiling to come.
 Tiles, including trim pieces.
 To the right you can see the shelf in the cove.
 Tile started on the wall with the faucet.
 Tiling took way longer than we thought it would. Yawn.
 Pre-grouting, and sure they aren't perfectly straight but we are so proud of what we've done so far.
 Grouted and shelf hung.
Slightly crooked, but this is the done picture!
Love love love my new bathroom. 

We also did gray water reclamation from the tub, so all shower/bath water goes out into a barrel and out to our trees, along with the water from the laundry. We've had some hiccups in that but pretty sure it is fixed, finally.

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