Master Bathroom Remodel part 1

Before- looking in.
 We are currently remodeling out master bathroom. This means we only have 1 toilet/bathroom in the house. I miss my toilet. So far we've removed the fixtures and redone the subfloor.

Some of the drywall has had to be removed for various reasons. 
Taking the floor out.
And working mostly on weekends makes for slow going.

But we're getting to the point of putting things back in. I need to get some drywall in there this weekend. Then we're building a short platform to put the bathtub/shower on (because of plumbing issues). After that the flooring goes in and hopefully the toilet will follow quickly. I estimate 4 more weekends, especially since this one is drill weekend and unless I get drywall in... nothing gets done.
Starting to put the floor back in. So much work.

1 comment:

Amie said...

You're so brave to take this on, knowing it's going to take longer than you like!

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