In 10 days...

Gwennie will be 7 and Natalie will be 18 months.

How the heck has time flow by so quickly? Gwen loves school, and Natalie is a busy girl during the day. I just hope I can remember to get on here and post newsletters for both of them. I miss writing on here and I don't know what has kept me from it lately. Too much stupid things running through my head? Too many things left to finish the bathroom remodel? Maybe. I have no real excuse.

I really like living here. Sometimes I still feel sad when I think about our life in Phoenix, the house 2 of my girls were born in, the awesomely fun school they went to, and the things that Gwen and Natalie won't get to do because we aren't attending a Waldorf school here. I really miss my friends. I miss my morning coffee chats with A and P. I have made friends here, but it just isn't the same as it was there. I knew it wouldn't be so at least it isn't a surprise. And I do think my marriage is better here than it was there, probably because I need him more here.

This move has made me even more grateful for the internet, because I still have contact with people that I enjoyed there, and it has made it easier to make friends here. I've joined a couple of groups, via Meet-up.com and those women are great.

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