You, my darling girl are a decent sleeper. I'm really lucky in that way. But you still want to nurse, even for just a moment, about 2 or 3 times at night. I'm tired. I think it just might be time for us all to get more sleep.

I'm going to try out the method described in this article, Sleep, Changing Patterns In The Family Bed, by Dr. Jay Gordon. I love co-sleeping with my littles (or bed sharing) and am not in a hurry for her to sleep elsewhere. I am just ready for her to not wake me up at night. I suppose part of my issue is that I'm not sleeping well because I am hot at night, too.

The article takes a slow approach to night weaning, starting with 3 nights of nursing baby but not back to sleep. Then 3 nights of just patting the baby (and by baby, he is suggesting not starting until baby is over 1 year old, until then the baby may still need night feeds.) Picking 7 hours, likely 11-6 a.m. as no nurse time. Nursing to sleep before is fine and after 6 a.m. is also fine. But those 7 hours are no booby time.

I don't know if Natalie will like this idea, but I do think she's ready. And of course, I am ready.I am not ready to fully wean her, I want her to follow the WHO recommendation of 2 years (at least) of nursing.

Yes I'm babbling and no, I didn't sleep well last night (which is likely the reason I am looking into this!)

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