Sharing rooms

This summer a change is coming in our house. We have 2 kids' bedrooms, but we're getting rid of one of them. No, we aren't tearing anything down, just repositioning sleep and play. Right now the phrase "my room!" or "get out of my room"  and "Natalie can't be in MY room" are yelled too far too often. Although I feel like this is a disservice to Rhayn, I think it will teach them both a thing or 2 about life.

I spent a large chunk of my childhood sharing a room with either a brother (when I was young) or my 9 years younger sister. Mostly I was fine with it. Sure when I was 15 it was weird to share with a 5 year old, but we were sisters.

My hope is that when we have a playroom, a space that is set aside for toys only maybe there will be less yelling. We will all have to work together to keep it picked up.  I told the girls that this will happen when school is out this summer. They have 2 weeks until that happens.


lvh said...

I don't think you are doing an inservice to Rhayn - instead, I think you are giving her a greater opportunity to learn to share and live with others. When we were in ID for Christmas, we helped B&J rearrange their girls so all 3 beds are in the same room. To me it seemed ike there was less fighting amongst them when I was there in March and was much easier for Nana to have slumber parties every night with all of them - even if the 2 year old doesn't quite understand story telling and how to sleep in a sleeping bag. From age 10, I shared a room with your Mom and aunt and it really made me appreciate a bedroom of my own when I turned 15 so much more. Love ya

Briep said...

Sounds like a good idea to me. I hope it helps! I know sometimes it takes a little longer for my girls to fall asleep but in all it is good for them!

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