The girls' room overhaul is taking place soon. I was at a birthday party yesterday and the family is moving. They asked if we needed a couch I laughed and said no thanks, then she asked if we wanted/needed bunk beds. I immediately said, "Yes, I've been looking at bunk beds on Craigslist for a while." She said I could come over and check them out. So I  did this morning.

After a little bit of explanation about the parts that are loose and things that may need to be fixed on them, I asked her how much, and after a reasonable price I told her we would for sure buy them. Tomorrow morning Will shall be headed over there to get them (though he doesn't know it yet!)

So I've spent part of the morning attempting to rearrange the girls' rooms so that they will fit in there tomorrow. Right now it looks like the closets threw up, because those are the only parts of the rooms that are clean. I feel overwhelmed looking at their rooms, but I know it will be worth it in the end. And I am sure that they'll love the new beds.

Rhayn claims to want the bottom bunk and Gwen is excited about the top. The beds I am getting have a desk on the side (with computer keyboard tray) and some drawers and shelves on the other side. I am excited for them. But that leaves us with the beds we currently have. 

Some pictures of the current disaster I have going on.

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Amie said...

We did this one summer...it didn't last too long, but it was worth a shot. Our rooms are a lot smaller than yours, and in the end, we just needed more space, but it was worth it to try it just the once.

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