Meatless Monday Burritos

This week for MM we had bean burritos. This is the simplest and quickest meatless dish we make. It's also the one that even the most picky of us eats without complaint. I don't love it, after my pregnancy with Tally I've not felt the same way about bean burritos made at home.When I was pregnant with her the smell of them made me run and hide in my bathroom. Yet, I wanted to sniff windex? Geesh being pregnant is funny.

I don't usually buy vegetarian refried beans, nor do I make them myself, so they probably aren't really vegetarian. I also cheat and when we have soups I use the chicken stock I have in the freezer. MM isn't really about avoiding meat all day, it's about dinner not be centered around meat and introducing more vegetables into our diet (not that bean burritos have veggies, thought Rhayn likes them with lettuce!)

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