Natalie's Newsletter 14 Months

Dear Sweet Tally,

You are fourteen months old now and a full-blown toddler. While you can walk well, running is still hard for you, but you try, oh you try, your pudgy toddler legs pumping while you waddle your fastest after whatever it is you want, or to get away from me.

There are a few words  you say that I am sure about, "mama" and "kankoo" (thank you, said as you hand us things, or when we hand you things.) There are other words I think you say- like "good girl" to the dog, and "Rhayn" and "dada" but there isn't enough consistency yet for me to 100% say you are using them. Not like "thank you" which was your very first recognizable word. You sign please enthusiastically to be up in our laps and to have nursies which you call "nuh nuh".

Last night you were so tired from a busy weekend you fell asleep at 6:15. I was worried that you would have a short nap and decide to be up until midnight or so. Fortunately you stayed asleep until 7, but around 9 when I went to bed, you sort of woke up and kept rubbing your chest sleepily. You would nurse for a moment then doze off. You seemed content to snuggle with me.

Chasing after Bella.
We had guests over this weekend and you loved it. They brought their fluffy pomeranian-chihuahua mix dog, and you could not have been happier. Of course you love our dog, Lily, but Bella is so fluffy and new, plus she is shorter than Lily and just your size. You also really enjoyed our friends who were more than happy to hold you and read to you and Gwen.
It was a rough hike.
Sunday we went on a hike to the Coronado Cave and I was sure you'd sleep in the Ergo, but no. You stayed in the Ergo, but didn't sleep. On the 1/2 mile there you were on me, but our friend carried you back down. You love being out and seeing things.
Fast asleep after nursing at the river.
Yesterday (Memorial Day Monday) we went down to the San Pedro River. We attempted to get some family pictures. Then walked to the river. You were mad at me for not letting you play in the water with the kids, but I knew you really needed a nap. I put you in the Ergo and you protested, crying and trying to get out. Until you and I sat on the bank and nursed for a moment before you were out. So deeply asleep that I was able to lay you on the ground and walk away from you.

I love the little pouting mouth when you sleep.
Today is story time at the library. You don't really care for the book reading, but you do love to look at books and then at the very end they blow bubbles and man oh, man does that make your entire day.

Currently you have 8 teeth, the 4 top and 4 bottom front ones. I can see some molars starting to swell. You love food, especially when someone else is eating it. We were at a family party the other day and Grandpa was eating a chili dog, you kept going back for his chili beans.

My little sweet girl, I can not believe how big you are already. And it seems like every day you change just  a little, and soon you'll be a big kid, headed off to school, ready for life, and then, before I know it, you'll be gone.

But for now, I will snuggle with you in the chair, hold you closely while you sleep, and try to hold each moment in my heart and try to remember you, like you are today.


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