This picture is from about a week ago, smoke was filling the sky, possibly from the fire in New Mexico.

This is how I feel right now. I am trying to shine and be happy but there is a cloud of smoke surrounding me.

Will is gone again, this time to a school for four weeks. The big girls are in summer school Monday through Friday. The bus picks them up at 7:20 and they get home around 1:40. It is just enough time that I sort of don't feel like I am going crazy.

We still do not have a whole house a/c. We have 2 window units cooling the main rooms and they are working their hardest to keep the temperature tolerable in the house. (We also have a portable a/c in the master bedroom). We should be getting our a/c next week. Fingers and toes crossed that it happen when they say it will. I feel so bad for anyone who wants to come visit us, and for our guinea pigs. 

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