14 days of Crock Pot madness Day 2

We're having an experiment at my house. It is called see if mommy can handle being hot and miserable. Lets just say the answer is heck no. I am irritable for many reasons, mostly I am hot. And I still need to clean the house and cook the food.

Speaking of cooking the food, today I purchased a second and smaller crock pot today. We're doing a few weeks of crock pot cooking and I am trying to not make any soup. Yesterday's veggie lasagna was delicious. I really enjoyed it then and for lunch today. Right now I have these two recipes going-
Crock Pot Barbequed Chicken and Mac and Cheese. Though I messed up and thought I have evaporated milk for the mac and cheese, I even grabbed the can and opened it before I realized that it was sweetened condensed milk (which I took a spoonful of.) So I had to research another recipe and combined the two, also I didn't "par cook" the noodles, that would involve heating up water and that is sooooooooo not happening. I had the same issue with the recipe yesterday but luckily I had some no boil pasta for that, and I'm sure that the pasta would have been fine had I used the regular stuff, I didn't want to chance it.

Now I am off to sit in front of my tv and pretend that is doesn't make the room hotter. And I will drink a huge cup of ice water. That will help I am sure.


lvh said...

Your blog reminded me of Grandpa C. (I wonder what he would think of blogs and the internet - but I digress). He told me that when he was growing up, in the summer they would have their big meal in the morning so that his Mom didn't have to heat up the house during the hottest part of the day to cook a big supper. I remember growing up that we often had bologna sandwiches for dinner funny thing but try as I might, I don't remember what we had for lunches in the summer - weird. Now that i'm older, we cook most of our meat on the grill (year around) and summer is a great time for salads. Even at 60 degree temps, I hate heating up the house to cook.

lvh said...
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