Cactus head

My poor neglected bloggity blog. I miss writing on you and promise to try harder to come up with things to write. Since we've moved I haven't had much to say but I really miss writing.

Even this- I started it an hour ago, and I keep getting up and doing other things (maybe even posting on Facebook?) but I can't seem to make a paragraph.Here is a little story about today.

A few weeks ago we noticed that a bird was taking up residence in a cholla (choi uh) in our front yard. She was fixing up a nest that was probably a cactus wren's former home. Since we noticed the eggs she laid we have been watching and waiting for them to hatch.

We went on a mini-vacation to visit family and when we came back the babies had hatched. (That was yesterday.) The girls are having a hard time not checking on the babies every few minutes. But I told them to leave the mom alone.

Tally was asleep in the car and I was trying to get some things planted while she slept. I asked Rhayn to sit in the front yard and listen for her. I saw Rhayn coming towards me and she said "Mom, can you help me?" I looked up at her and saw this- She was asking me to help her take the chunk'o'cholla out of her head. I, of course, first had to take a picture of her. Then I took a hair pick and flung the cholla out. Then I picked the few other spines out. There was a little bit of blood and it hurt when I pulled it out.

I asked her how that happened. Apparently she was trying to look at the babies and wearing the visor didn't realize how close she was to the cactus.

I feel for her, I know how much it hurts to get a cholla in your arm, I can only imagine how much it hurt in her head! I also giggled quite a lot at the situation.


lvh said...

Poor Rhayn - I remember Peaches coming home once with a cholla in her mouth - that one was really a pain to get out.

Briep said...

Aww poor girl. But I got to admit I did get a good laugh out of it!

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