Saturday Morning

We dropped Will off at the airport early Saturday morning. But having driven the hour to the airport we decided that we didn't want to just turn around and go home. So we went to the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum.

But first we had to eat breakfast and drive around for a while because it wasn't open yet. Also it was really chilly there.
A black bear.

We went inside and saw so much. Rhayn kept saying "this isn't like a museum at all!" and "I love this place, we need to bring Daddy here."
It seemed like this lovely cat was going to eat the girls, but I am pretty sure she couldn't even see them.
The girls loved how close you could get to the animals.

I loved that they had strollers that you could just use, no charge. Natty loved the stroller and was happy most of the time. The bobcat sitting pretty in the enclosure.

We really enjoyed watching the bobcats being fed. We watched that for a while, because it was fascinating to watch the keeper tell the male bobcat down, and to listen to his noises. Bobcats are solitary animals and they are forcing a male and female to live in the same enclosure.
The female bobcat, isn't she beautiful?

We also got a kick out of the gray fox sunning herself on her gray sheepskin. Seriously cute. I wasn't able to get a good picture of her, but you can get the idea.
The hummingbird enclosure was amazing also.

And there was more that day, but Natalie is waking up and I need to tend to her.

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