GNO Quest

Our cast- piggy, caterpillar, Frodo, and Rat-deer (also known as I-lean)The crew had a long journey. Many obstacles were in their way.
Their lives were often in grave danger.

But, finally they arrived through a hole in the ground, and found a knight who could explain their quest.
"A quest will you be sent on, many things must you do."
This beautiful house doesn't belong in Middle Earth.
A wall had to be climbed.
A treasure!The dragon was nothing, though rat-deer was lost for a short time after the dragon. Luckily he'd just fallen by the wayside.
The ring, the one to rule them all, was discarded.
But there was still a battle amongst the foursome.

In the end, they celebrated with dessert.


Amie said...

LOL! So cute!

Amanda said...

oh my goodness. Much too silly.

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