Natalie is 10 months old

Dear Sweet Natty-Noo,

You are 10 months old, 2 months shy of 1 year. Which seems insane. But this last month has been a crazy one in our world, filled with packing up our home in Phoenix and moving to Sierra Vista. It was hard on you, only because during the move and even now my attention is split between you, your sisters and getting the house in order. There is much to do to make this house feel like our home. I've worked hard but there is really so much more to do! This month, no this last week you've started taking 1 step. 1 tentative step. I was so sure that you would be walking by this age, though I love watching your sweet little baby crawl and though walking will make life easier for you, I am in no hurry for you to do it.

You have four teeth and love to eat. But still, you nurse often, like just now, you crawled over to me, fussing, and when I picked you up you spun in my lap until you were in nursing position. You looked up at me, and said "ah?" so we nurse. Your hands are cold against my arm, because its cooler here.
The girls started public school here last week. At drop off time, we walked down to the bus stop, you in the stroller with Lily on the side, just close enough for you to pet (and you loved that). While we waited for the bus you surveyed the land, as far as you could see. We are working on your sleep schedule. You need 2 naps, and you seem to be napping better here. Probably because I can put you in bed and do work around the house much more easily than I could before. Right now you take your first nap around 9-10 and second around 1-2 which should work with the girls' school schedule.

You are such a screamer. You cry often when you aren't happy and its not a little cry, its a cry that sounds like you are really hurt. But usually it just means that you want to be held. Your cry is piercing and if you cried like that nonstop I would lose my ever-loving mind. You cried a lot yesterday and I felt ready to lose it. Admittedly my stress level was really high because we had some issues with a stray cat in our house. Making myself sit and nurse you really helps me feel calm, and I need to remember that when I am having a panic-like attack.
Oh sweet baby, I love you, and your little cooing noises. I love watching you discover things. I was bathing you earlier this week and I tickled your naked belly, when I stopped you reached over and pulled my hand back to tickle you again. Over and over you did that, until we were both laughing hysterically. Silly baby, silly baby.

your Mama

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