First Day

You can see Mopey McMopesalot hanging out near the house. She was scared and didn't want me to take a picture of her. But eventually she came down and smiled for me.

Today the girls started school.

Yesterday we went to the school to enroll them. We walked in and started talking to the secretaries who gave us packets to fill out. Rhayn's teacher Mrs. K came out and showed Rhayn her class while the other 5th graders were in specials. There are only two 5th grade classes (I think only two classes per grade, which is nice).

Gwennie sat by me while I filled out paper work and looked terrified. She seemed so small sitting there and I know she was worried about this. Eventually Gwen's teacher came out and introduced herself (and for the life of me I can't remember her name, geesh!) She showed Gwennie to her classroom and they talked for a few moments. I told her that Gwennie had been at a different kind of school and didn't know all of her letters or numbers yet.

Then we left and went home for lunch.

Last night Gwennie had a really hard time sleeping. She was worried about school, about having to do "hard work" to catch up. She was worried about making friends. Rhayn seemed less worried and more easy going about it all.

This morning I could tell that Gwennie was still tired and feeling stress. She was in a horrible mood. But we ate breakfast, and got ready for school. We took some pictures and loaded up into the Mazda.

At the school, you could see where the kids were being dropped off. We parked and I walked the girls in to the lobby. The secretary walked us back to their classrooms and explained that normally they will go onto the playground before class starts. Gwennie's teacher showed her where to put her backpack (that we had had to dig out of a box because she "needed one for school"). Then I gave her a hug, told her to have a good day and walked with Rhayn to her class. Rhayn's teacher was there as were a few girls. The girls introduced themselves to Rhayn. I gave her a hug, told her to have a good day and left.

I had to stop at the main desk on the way out to pay for their lunches. Today they are having cheese pizza sticks and both were excited about cafeteria food. Then I left. After school they will ride the bus home. Luckily they have each other, and since it is a small school the bus driver will get to know them and know where they live.

Also Thursdays are 3/4 days- they get out of school at 1:45. They should have about a 1/2 hour bus ride. I need to meet them at the drop off to meet the bus driver and to let him know it is alright for Gwennie to get off the bus even if I am not there.

So far this has been a good experience for us all. And I can not wait for them to get home and tell me about their day!

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