It is moving week and that means that I am going to be a mess. But I am grateful that we are able to use some movers. If we weren't this move would be a little more of a mess.

This last weekend I have spent some time on Freecycle attempting to rid myself of some items that we no longer want. Since one of the items is a California King latex mattress I have had a LOT of trouble getting rid of it. Grrr. I get that no one wants a used mattress. I do. But also there is not a place to recycle it or drop it off. And honestly I probably couldn't move the huge thing myself.

Today my dad is coming over to help out with packing. Tomorrow he and my mom are coming over. Thursday the movers are coming. YIKES! I need to get curtains and pictures down and packed. That is my goal for today- well I think I will leave curtains up in the dining room and master bedroom because those rooms face the street.

And can you tell I am stalling? I really should be DOING not sitting in my chair sipping my coffee while I type. I need to make my list.

As for gratitude- I am grateful for movers, who should make this all smooth (as soon as I figure out my pet situation!) If I am not posting much this week- next week you can be sure that I will be posting pictures of our new home.

I am so excited.
I am terrified.
I have so much to do!

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