The last night

Tonight is our last night in this house.
This house, most of my marriage has been in this house.
2 of my beautiful children were BORN in this house.

I am going to have a hard time tomorrow, for the first hour I am awake. But I think that we'll be so busy that I won't really have time to think, until we are on the road.

For tonight I will keep packing boxes and hope that I have everything done I could possibly do.
Oh and of course I will try NOT to cry.


Amanda said...

oh my goodness I'm going to miss you.

lvh said...

Good luck with your move - it is sad to leave a house you've lived in for such a long time. Just keep remembering that a house is just a building - a home is where your heart and family are. Lots of new adventures and opportunities are waiting for all of you - how exciting.

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