The alarm goes off at 6:05 and I hit snooze. A moment later a light blinks on. The light makes it easier to wake up on these dark winter mornings. Natty fusses for a minute and I pull her close to nurse back to sleep. When she rolls over the alarm is just about to go off again, so quickly I move away from her small sleeping body and turn off the alarm.

Stretching I walk downstairs, turning on the baby monitor, putting on my glasses as I pass them. I pour myself a cup of coffee, stop to pat Lily on her sleeping dog head, and sit in my chair to watch the morning news.

This is my morning routine. When Will is home, he is part of it, though the alarm usually doesn't go off, but we still get up around 7. I love this hour I get before the kids wake up, before (in the winter) the sun comes up. From my chair I can watch the sky lighten up.

And this morning I am wondering what life will be like, in a few weeks when we are settled into our new home, settling into our new normal. I know I won't watch the same morning news, I may have to get used to a Tucson news show's team. I will miss these people, who have been a part of my morning for years.

But I can not wait for this change.


Amanda said...

I can't believe your moving so soon. It's weird to think I might not ever see you again. Maybe we will get together again though?

tif-do said...

I love that you get up before the kids. Maybe if I made a point to do that I wouldn't be such a bear to mine in the morning.

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