Weekly Gratitude

Let me resume my gratitude posts, I really need to.
~Will was home this weekend, in fact he was able to make it home on Friday in time to go with us to the Advent Spiral Garden at the girls' school. I spent the time outside, since Natalie decided to talk loudly while it was supposed to be reverent.

~I am thankful for family. We visited Will's younger sister (and only full-sibling) this weekend. She has 2 children, a boy that is just about a year younger than Rhayn and a girl that is about 8 months older than Natalie. K gave Natalie a fun noisy toy as well as a box of really nice winter clothes. I can't wait to put them on her! I enjoy going to K's house, because I can see what Gwennie will (most likely) look like when she grows up. Its also nice to sit and chat with her.

~I asked Rhayn if she wanted to see Santa this year, she said she was ok with not doing that. I took Natalie and Gwennie on Friday the 16th. The line was not long. Natalie loved Santa, she petted his beard and smiled big for the camera lady. Gwennie was chatty with the lady in front of us in line, but when she got to Santa, she got really shy but was glad to see him. I love the wonder in her eyes.

~Today is bittersweet- This is the last week the girls will go to their school. We've been there for 6 years and we love the school. I am excited about our move, and terrified at the same time.


lvh said...

Wow - blue butterfly boots - how cool is that. I hope Jules doesn't outgrow wanting to see Santa cause I would be sad to not get an annual picture of all of them with Mr. SC.

Briep said...

such a cute pic!

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