So far this week-

Christmas is almost here. Are we ready? I sure hope so. Yesterday I did a little shopping. I am still not done though- I have a picture to paint, a few hats to knit and caramel to make.

Tonight is the spiral walk at the girls' school. They are only doing it for pre-kindergarten to 4th grade, and Rhayn is sad about that (being in 5th grade). Tomorrow we are going to visit Will's sister and her kids. My children are so lucky to have so many cousins, I only wish we got to see them all more often. Growing up, one of my best friends was my cousin, Hairball. Even now, she is one of my favorite people to go out on the town with.Monday and Tuesday of this week were drizzly and rainy. So nice to have that sort of weather. The girls kept reminding me that this was exactly like our trip to San Diego in 2008. I was grateful for my umbrella, I knew there was a reason it lives in my car year round.

Wednesday night was the school's Winter Concert for 5th to 11th grades. It was well done and we enjoyed it, for the most part. Rhayn sang and sounded lovely. I had heard her practicing for weeks and it was amazing to hear those songs. Natalie didn't freak out quite as much as she did at the Spring Concert. Thank goodness. She was loud and after the concert, Rhayn told me that they could hear her from the stage "singing along" and talking.
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