These days are filled with thoughts and plans.
But mostly they are filled with
slowed down moments because
she won't stay little for much longer
and right now,
she needs me to sit in the chair
to feed her,
to love her,
to change her diaper,
to hold her close,
to snuggle,
and just be her mama.
Until she runs off to school
like her big sisters,
and then I can get back to being super productive.Until then,
this messy house
is just part of life.
(This makes me feel crazy sometimes. I need to remind myself that this is temporary and someday I will yearn for these baby days.)


Meli said...

Ooh, she is getting SO big! Adorable! I want to eat her cheeks! I would give almost anything for a squishy baby snuggle ... indeed, the house cleaning can wait!

Mid-life Midwife said...

Yummy sweet baby! She is getting so big and cuter by the moment! Time spent with her is well worth a few more dirty dishes!! Love!

Amanda said...

She's so beautiful! Enjoy your (not that) messy house.

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